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10/4/2019 2:57:42 AM
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On the afternoon of October 25, I came to the Fanchang County Wastewater Treatment Plant along with the school reporter group. The sewage treatment plant is located in the Chengnan District of Fanchang County Carton Of Cigarettes. This sewage treatment plant can serve 120,000 people. It can be said that it has a huge effect. With it, our mother river, Nanmen River, can regain its brilliance. As the staff entered the factory, the first is the pump house. The staff said that the pump house is the collection of urban domestic sewage through the sewage pipe network. It flows in from the main pipe of the plant and is at the inlet of the collecting well in the pump house. The coarse grid intercepts, the role of the coarse grid is to remove the large scum in the sewage, to reduce the processing load of the subsequent water treatment process, and to protect the water pump, pipeline, instrument, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the subsequent treatment of the structure or equipment. When the coarse grid is opened, the parallel sets of teeth move upwards at a constant speed, and the intercepted large impurities are poured onto the conveyor belt and then transported away. The inlet pump room is used to raise the sewage to a certain height Cigarettes Online, and the subsequent sewage flows by gravity, and no power device is needed for lifting. At the same time, by controlling the number of working tables of the water pump, we can control the amount of water in the sewage treatment. We are all listening to it, and we are not resting on our hands. We are quickly recording, for fear of missing a detail. Our group of people have come to the swirling grit chamber unconsciously. This is a large pool that can protect pipelines and other facilities from being blocked and worn by sand. Because the sewage is inevitably mixed into the sediment during the process of travel, this facility can separate the sediment from the sewage, and can increase the collision and friction of the inorganic particles through the swirling movement of the water, and wipe off the organic matter on the surface of the sand. Purer sand. Under the centrifugal force of the swirling flow, these dense sand grains are swollen to the outside into the sand collecting tank, and the less dense organic matter flows into the anaerobic tank through the water pipe. At this point, the physical treatment phase of the sewage treatment has been completed, and then the sewage enters the biochemical treatment stage. The biochemical treatment stage is mainly to remove organic matter in the sewage, that is, COD and BOD, and inorganic pollutants N and P. Then, we came to the chemical treatment stage, the anaerobic tank, the oxidation ditch and the second settling tank. These three processes can make the water clearer. The last stop, the central control room, can control the operation of the entire sewage plant. The staff here can adjust the facilities of the sewage plant according to the changes, so as to keep the water clear and better use the water resources. Our sewage treatment plant travels to this end, and in the evening Online Cigarettes, facing the afterglow of the sunset, I can't help but fall into meditation. The natural environment can only be better under the efforts of each of us. We must use water scientifically, no. Waste, don't let the last drop of the earth become our tears!
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Home » Announcements » pipe. At this point, the physical